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transportation1-lrThe Recycling Experts® have a unique transportation program to service our clients' needs. This assures that our customers are provided exceptional pick-up and delivery service...for full truckloads; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

another_truckBesides our trucks used for our traditional office recycling programs, K & B Transit, Inc. is our own in-house common carrier professional. They are dedicated to picking up full truckloads or LTL loads on a moments notice. They have a fleet of tractors and trailers that can be dispatched quickly so "HOT LOADS" become a thing of the past and are now a routine practice for our experts.

transportation2-lrIn addition to our in-house common carrier, we have a number of other common carriers that dedicate service to our group first priority. Each morning, we're given truck availability. We can then pick and choose which truck best fits to your pick-up load. trailer_with_mulchNo matter if you're in Detroit, Grand Rapids, points North or South, we can handle any of your trucking requirements.

Last but not least, our recycling plants have their own trucking fleets. Between Detroit and Battle Creek, we have almost 20 trucks and over 100 semi trailers to pick-up recyclables.

Picking up recyclables on a timely basis is a priority with our group and our transportation experts can assure that we can and will exceed our client's needs and expectations. Customer service, loyalty and integrity are why our clients use our services!

The Recycling Experts®
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