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Enjoy group pricing and service at your individual facility!

removal-revolution-cable-hoist2When you call most waste haulers for a pickup, you may represent only a small portion of their overall book of business.  However, we can offer your individual facility the competitive market pricing that is typically reserved for big corporations because we do business on a large scale with several waste industry leaders.  We have leveraged group buying power that enables us to negotiate multiple-location pricing.  Because of our position in the industry, we can also provide you a level of service and results that you might not ordinarily have access to as an individual facility.  For over 25 years we have specialized in substantially reducing solid waste disposal costs for our commercial, industrial and institutional customers.   We have a proven record of helping our customers enjoy a higher level of service at the most competitive market prices available.  You have the opportunity to keep more money in your pocket.  Why just throw it away?

pws-logoOur Broad Range of Equipment Saves You Time and Money

While other waste haulers may offer you creative excuses for missed pickups, we provide you with creative solutions that get results!  We have a broad range of equipment and pickup options available to effectively meet the demands of virtually any situation.  These include: Roll off Trucks for Open Tops and Compactor Boxes; Semi-Trailers; Front-Loader Trucks for servicing 4, 6 & 8yd Dumpsters; Box Trucks w/Lift Gates for smaller loads of recyclables.  We have proven a variety of time-tested equipment in hundreds of facilities and know what works.  We know what manufacturers and equipment can be trusted.  We can provide equipment on a simple and convenient rental program to eliminate financing and upfront costs.  We provide complete equipment training for the life of your program at no charge.  We provide full ongoing maintenance to keep you running without any inconvenience to your maintenance personnel.  Most importantly, we are equipped with an up-to-date database of all solid waste handling vendors throughout North America.  We put this information, technology and buying power to work for you.